Treatment and Prevention of Residential Bees

In this post, our pest and termite treatment expert in Sydney expands upon the topic of treatment and prevention of a residential bee invasion.

We know that bees aid pollination and Sydney residents are great lovers of nature. Nevertheless, bees are dangerous when they start building a nest in and around the house. Not only do they pose a risk to the residents, but they are also responsible for the damage of furniture as well as wooden doors, windows, and patios. Extermination of bees and their hive is necessary but dangerous for anybody other than experts.

You’ve noticed the signs that your home is infested with bees and wasps. What can you do about it? In this article, we learn about the prevention and treatment of bees.

Prevention of Residential Bees

The removal of bees and hives from the residence or areas around it is an expensive affair. It is only wiser to know about the preventive measures to keep you from wasting time and money to get the matter treated.

Listed below are some steps that you can incorporate to prevent bees from infesting your home:

1. Cover Food Items

Like all other insects, bees are always looking for food. It is essential to keep your house clean of every leftover food, fruit, and beverages. You might want to keep your food and sugary drinks covered lest you should accidentally invite bees into your house. The perfect way to ensure the best bee inspection and treatment is to let the professionals take over the task.

2. Natural Bee Repellents

Essential oils are natural repellents for bees. You can use tea tree, chamomile, eucalyptus, or rose oil to keep bees at a distance. Using these natural repellents in the area of infestation is required after the bee inspection at your residence.

3. Electronic Bee Repellent Devices

Electronic bee repellent devices are readily available near you. All you have to do is buy a quality electronic bee repellent device that scares away bees by emitting ultrasonic waves. Make sure you keep the device away from extreme heat or cold and moisture.

Treatment of Bees

Removal of a bee’s nest or beehive can be challenging, not to mention dangerous. Dress in a protective layer of clothing that is thick and bulky to protect you from the string of bees. Select an effective pesticide and make sure you choose one only after considering the reviews and recommendations of the product.

Identify the beehive and spray pesticide on the active hive. The best time to carry on this errand is dusk. You may repeat the procedure, if necessary, the next day, right after sunrise. Ensure that all the bees are dead. Next, remove the beehive.

If you are still skeptical about carrying out the procedure, contact a professional like Termite Treatment Sydney for the best bee removal service in Sydney. Our phone number is (02) 8315 3205. Don’t delay!

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