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Termite Treatment Sydney - Top Notch Pest Control Service Providers

Termite Treatment Sydney takes pride in offering pest control services to Sydney households and offices. We don’t just stop at getting rid of the infestation – we go the whole way. We’ll make sure you and your property, be it your home or building, are protected from those pesky termites. Our termite detection and control services are guaranteed to make those termites scurry away. Other termite control companies are happy with just getting rid of the problem. We’re different; we plan ahead. We know that termites are bound to come back to familiar territory, or – worse – other colonies will take over the abandoned termite nest. As we have stressed so many times before, we don’t want you paying a small fortune just to get that safe, solid, termite-protected home you deserve. Our experts employ the latest technology to offer a vaunted defense. We are always thorough and professional. What’s more, our team understands that not every house is designed the same way. Every house varies in terms of structure, layout, material, and so forth. The solutions we offer aren’t a one-size-fits-all matter. Our crew tailor-makes different solutions for different homes. Sometimes application of chemicals and powders are necessary. Other times, it’s as simple as moving loose timber or switching pieces of furniture. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure, but only if that ounce of prevention is the right one.

We also want to prevent accidents and illnesses happening while on the job. Before application of potentially toxic substances, it is our company policy to inform homeowners beforehand to keep yourself, your children, and even your pets away from the area being treated. Added to that, our team is equipped with non-allergenic and odourless versions of treatment chemicals and powders. If you or a family member is extremely sensitive to powerful odours, don’t hesitate to ask us for alternatives and options. Your safety is, first and foremost, our number one concern.


With Termite Treatment Sydney, you can be assured that we put all our experience and expertise in handling the job. There’s nothing monotonous about our work – we treat each and every job with the same level of focus and urgency, no matter how big or small.

Fixed Price Service

We don’t like surprise fees and hidden costs any more than you do. We believe in transparency. When we give you a quote, we stick to it – guaranteed.

Kids safe, Pets Safe

We don’t want the cure doing more damage than the disease. We implement the latest in non-allergenic, odourless chemicals to keep your kids and pet safe.

Licensed & Insured

We employ only the best for our business to guarantee the safety of our customers. All our professional termite control experts are fully licensed and insured.

Termite Treatment Sydney is Sydney’s leading termite and pest control service. We specialize in termite removal and prevention, helping to protect properties new and old. Whether you are trying to prevent termites while constructing your new home, or get them out of your commercial building, Termite Treatment Sydney has the experience you need. Our Termite experts are ready and waiting with the skills, training, and equipment to handle any job. We make sure our people have the best training around so they can back up our satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with our work, we do it again for free. Our commitment to your satisfaction is why we come so highly recommended by customers around the area.

Every job is different, but that doesn’t mean that our values have to be. By being dedicated to providing you with only the best service from our fast and friendly experts, we can approach unique challenges each job presents and ensure you get the same high-quality results. We know that your time is important so we make sure we have teams standing by to get your termite problem solved right away.

Termite Treatment Sydney has operators standing by all the time on our 24-hour hotline at (02) 8315 3205, to get a team dispatched or just answer any questions you might have. If you have a termite problem, or just want to make sure your home is protected, don’t wait, call us today!