Termites can cause serious problems for infrastructure. We don’t leave anything to chance. We treat infested areas thoroughly until we’re satisfied that you are well protected.



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Termite Treatment Sydney is a fast and efficient 24-hour pest control service in Sydney, New South Wales. We offer inspection, treatment, and protection from termites and other pests. Our qualified team of professional pest control and termite control experts is well equipped to find and exterminate bugs. We are a 24×7 search and destroy operation for pests and termites. Our emergency mobile pest control units have a quick response time and will arrive at your Sydney location in minutes.

Our experts are armed with years of knowledge and experience dealing with these home-wrecking pests. Sydney residents consider us the #1 pest control services provider. We are reliable, trustworthy and have always arrived on time for any job, big or small. 

Termites are a serious pest in Sydney, causing substantial damage and costs to both commercial and residential property owners each year. Termite Treatment Sydney controllers are trained to locate, treat, and remove any termite infestations fast. This ensures your home or commercial property will be 100% protected. Rest assured we have handled almost every imaginable pest or termite situation. We have the tools and the expertise necessary to thoroughly wipe out any termite colony that might be growing in your home, and we’ll make sure they never come back.

We perform termite and pest control services in three phases: a home inspection to find termites, treatment to exterminate existing termites, and a protective plan to proactively prevent any termite problems in the future. Our team of pest and termite specialists is highly experienced in controlling the spread of vermin and pests in Sydney. Get help now before the infestation gets out of hand. If you’re looking for a termite control team that’s both experienced and effective, give us a call today!

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The key to reducing the risks termites in Sydney pose is regular termite inspection. Our pest inspectors are experts at detecting and discovering the signs of a termite colony or pest settlement before extensive damage can be done. We are thorough in our Sydney termite inspection and termite detection. Our professionals will comprehensively inspect for and locate the termites and other pests that may be hiding in your property. 

An undiscovered termite colony can do an unbelievable amount of damage. These colonies grow over time to a population of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of individuals. As termites are subterranean and mainly live underground, they can thrive unnoticed for years.

A termite or pest infestation for a long period can cause irreparable damage to essential support beams, foundation, and joists. The type of building, terrain, and specific features of your home or business site should determine the frequency of inspections. Stored timber, firewood, down, and diseased trees are all attractive to termites and could harbor multiple colonies.  If termites consume some of your building’s sub-structure and support, not only will your property’s value decline, but your building can become an unsafe place to live. This emphasises the importance of regularly inspecting for any colonies before damages are beyond repair. 

Some common areas where termites live are small holes in your walls, wood fixtures located outside your home, tubes of mud typically located around doors and on or around piles of wood or fence posts near your home, floors with soft or weak spots, and soft spots in wood decks and other outdoor structures. Regular building and termite inspection in Sydney is the first defense to protect your property. Setting up an initial inspection is as easy as a short phone call to our scheduling agents.

Sydney’s Trusted Termite Treatment Provider

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At Termite Treatment Sydney, we have been eradicating termites from homes and properties across Sydney for over 30 years. All suburbs in Sydney have an active termite population. As Sydney’s trusted termite treatment provider, we treat infested areas thoroughly until we’re satisfied that your house is safe and secure. Our Sydney termite treatment team offer cutting edge skills, tools, and technology; all at our fingertips for speedy detection and total eradication. However, we don’t want the cure to do more damage than the disease. We implement the latest in non-allergenic, odourless chemicals to keep your kids and pets safe.

If you’d prefer a chemical-free treatment for use around your home, just ask! Our pest exterminators are happy to do everything in our power to accommodate your needs and requests. The non-chemical treatment comes in a variety of options, though many of them won’t remove your termite problem outright, rather they work to discourage pests in their attempts at finding a way into your home. No matter the option, our professionals can work with you to help you select the correct method for your property. 

Once an infestation is present, some damage is guaranteed. The costs of removing the infestation, determining the extent of the damage and repairing it can amount to incredible sums. If your home is already infested, it is next to impossible to become termite-free without a termite treatment professional. This is where we come in. At Termite Treatment Sydney, we offer the best termite treatment service to people across Sydney. We create a custom extermination plan taking your property’s features into consideration. We listen to your concerns and make your values a priority. Once they’re dead, they stay dead. Call our pest treatment providers to rid your property of termites, fleas, white ants, rats, and other pests for good.

Termite Protection Professionals in Sydney

We Secure Your Home & Prevent Future Invasions

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Termite prevention

Now that the termite problem has been properly treated, using a protective system will prevent them from coming back. Our protection units are always looking for new and innovative ways to help safeguard properties in Sydney and advise you on the best means of termite and pest protection. Millions of dollars in damage is inflicted on homes due to termite infestations every year. Sadly, much of the damage could have been avoided by businesses and homeowners taking some simple preventative steps to discourage infestations.

The good news is that if you think you have a termite infestation in your Sydney area home or business, there is professional help available. It is much less costly to take proactive, preventative steps than it will be if you wait until you have an infestation.

The most attractive things to termites is a large pile of timber or wood chips of any kind. Consider woody chips from clearing and chipping underbrush, sawdust piles, burn or slash piles and firewood. Termite Treatment Sydney will survey your property for all types of substances that attract termites. We will educate you or the property owner regarding things that attract termites and should be removed from the building or the surrounding land. You should also know that termites will continue to invade an area regardless of eradication efforts if food and water are served to them daily.

Be it homes, offices, or retail stores, no one is safe. However, a reputable pest prevention company like Termite Treatment Sydney will stop termites pests, rodents, and any nasty creepy, crawly things dead in their tracks. We have devised special strategies and tactics to combat this menace. Contact our team right away so we can set up protective systems that ensure pests never set foot in your property again. 

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