Signs That Your Home is Infested With Bees and Wasps

While it is a fact that bees are very important to maintain the ecological balance, a hive of bees or a colony of wasps in and around your beautiful Sydney residence is nothing but a nuisance. Our insect and termite expert in Sydney knows about other pests and is willing to share knowledge on bees and wasps and signs to detect them.

Bees and wasps have damaging consequences to the property and also pose a threat to residents as well. It is difficult to realize whether bees have built a den inside or around your residence if you are not aware of the signs of a bee or wasp infestation.

In this article, we list down the significant signs of a bee or wasp infestation in your residence.

4 Signs That You Have A Bee or Wasp Infestation

A beehive or wasp hive in the garden or around the apartment is a common thing. However, a nest of bees (beehive) inside your house can have fatal consequences. In this case, don’t just mind your own beeswax. You must understand the signs and symptoms of wasp and bee infestation in residence.

Listed below are four significant signs you must notice to know whether your residence is infested with bees and wasps:

1. You See Bees & Wasps Everywhere

This one should be obvious. Sighting of bees and wasps in and around the residence is one of the initial signs of infestation. If you see a lot of bees moving in and out of the house, know that there is a problem. If there are too many bees buzzing around in your sight, you must start checking for the hive. Do not forget to check on the inside of chimneys and attics in residence.

2. Follow the Sound

A bunch of bees buzzing together has an evident and distinct noise. The same goes for wasps. Since these insects gnaw on wood as well, you shall hear them if you pay attention. Often, your auditory perception will lead you towards the wasp hive or beehive in or around the house.

3. Holes

In case your house is infested by carpenter bees, it is evident for you to find holes in hard plants near your residence. Another surefire way to know if there are bees and wasps in the house is to look out for sawdust. Observe if there is any sawdust fallout in your doors, windows, deck, boards or rafters.

4. Active Hives

Lastly, when you spot an active beehive or wasp hive in or around your house, you can be sure that there is a bee infestation. A safe extermination of the beehive is required. You may call a wasp or bee-catcher though that profession is becoming rarer these days. Therefore, after zeroing in on the best pest inspection,  take the help of an expert pest control professional. 

If you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above of a bee and wasp infestation, you might want to home in on the best pest inspection by professionals. You can contact Termite Treatment Sydney, the best pest treatment in town.

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