The Dangers of Bees Swarming Your Home

In this post, our knowledgeable Sydney termite treatment and bee treatment team will talk about the significant dangers of bee invading and infesting your residence, along with solutions to ward off bee swarms.

The sight of bees buzzing around your house may make you feel like it’s springtime. The swarms are usually temporary and will go away. One must, however, notice the red-flags of having too many bees around the home. Certain species of bees, like carpenter bees, can easily gnaw on attics, doors, windows, and nest in the most unexpected places. Bees can lay siege to your home and build their nests in ventilators, wall cracks, and boxes. 

Major Dangers of a Bee Infestation

If there is a beehive outside your house, you can expect the bees to besiege it sooner rather than later. 

Are dangerous bees swarming your home? Listed below are significant dangers of bee infestation in your residence:

Property Damage

You might already know what carpenter bees can do to your furniture, doors, and windows and the damage they cause is often hard to repair. If your house has been infested with carpenter bee, you need to look out for sawdust. If you experience a buzzing sound and see sawdust all over the place, your house has been invaded by bees.

Cause Diseases

Another thing you should remember is that bees can spread diseases. If there is a beehive, in or around your house, bees may come in swarms and attack you with their venomous sting. This can trigger allergic reactions, cause skin damage, and even death.

Spread Viruses

Infected bees are carrying diseases of their own. Bees infected with a virus can spread diseases through their feces. Infected bees can also spread the virus through their stingers. These viruses will then be transmitted into your bloodstream. The viruses cause different problems for bees and humans. The bee will move on and you will be left to deal with the effects.

Natural Ways to Treat Bee Infestations

You can use a plethora of treatments to keep bees at bay. We have mentioned this in our article on the treatment and prevention of a residential bee invasion.

Here are some natural treatments to stop dangerous bees from swarming your home:

  • Use peppermint spray. Bees are known to hate the smell of peppermint oil.
  • Use cinnamon to keep bees away. You can sprinkle a pinch or two of cinnamon around the house to prevent bee infestation after building and pest inspection.
  • Citronella candles are useful bee repellents. Light some citronella candles in your house to prevent the possibility of infestation
  • Distilled vinegar is another excellent solution to keep bees away.

It is dangerous for homeowners to treat bee infestations all by themselves.

The entire bee-clan including the Queen Bee must be captured or eradicated using the best pest treatment. If not, there is a higher risk of recurring bee infestation. Ask the professionals at Termite Treatment Sydney for a building and pest inspection to help you identify the problem.

Don’t let your home be beset by bees. The experts at Termite Treatment Sydney offer personalized pest treatments after performing the building and pest inspection. All you have to do is dial our 24/7 service and tell us about your pest problem.

The professionals at Termite Treatment Sydney will work tirelessly with you to remove the root cause of your bee infestation and free your residence from any bees. Call (02) 8315 3205  to get in touch with our team. 

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