The 4-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Contrary to the belief of many Sydney residents that bed bugs are harmless insects, their presence is certainly hazardous besides posing a threat to the health of the residents as well. As Sydney’s top termite experts and pest experts, we know this.

Complete elimination of bed bugs may require you to hire professional help as these bugs not only infest your bed and the area around, but also other places around the house such as the closet, bed-boxes, and kitchen cabinets.

Nevertheless, bed bug infestation entails you to take measures to keep them under control. Such measures may be either natural or chemical or a mixture of both.

You may already know about the various treatments to control bed bugs. In this article, we learn the 4-step guide to getting rid of bed bugs in residence.

DIY 4-Step Guide to Getting Rid of Bugs

Step 1

We are often reluctant to the presence and infestation of bed bugs in our residence owing to their small size. Unless the infestation goes on to become a huge problem, we disregard the possibility of a pest invasion in residence. Ergo, the first step is to identify the problem and the areas associated with a bed bug inspection.

If you observe the initial symptoms of a bed bug infestation, you need to act quickly and identify the problem areas in your home. Perform a bed bug inspection and look out for bed bugs in cracks and fissures, near and under box springs and mattresses, inside the joints of furniture and electrical outlets.

Tropical bed bugs and bat bed bugs are some common species of bed bugs that you can find. Make sure you do not miss looking for the bugs under loose wallpaper, paintings, and wall hangings.

Step 2

After you have identified the areas of infestation, the next thing to do is to contain the bugs so that they do not multiply. The best way to execute this step is to run your vacuum cleaner through the areas of infestation.

For instance, if your wardrobe has been attacked by those bugs, you need to remove all your clothes and keep them sealed in a packet. Wash these clothes clean to make sure there is no possible bug left.

Next, you have to treat the area of infestation with rubbing alcohol or a mixture of water and vinegar. Perform a bed bug inspection to ensure that you have cleared the area of bugs and cleaned by blood strained and skin-sheds.

Step 3

After we have cleaned up the areas of infestation, we need to get on with the bug treatment. Start with blocking cracks and crevices that may act as hiding spaces for these bugs.

Next, you need to make sure that you clear the area of clutter. If your bed has bugs climbing on it from the edge, you need to perform a bed bug inspection and know the problem areas. You need to move your bed at least 5 inches from the area of infestation.

Step 4

Killing the bugs with natural and chemical treatment is the best way to ensure you contribute to the elimination of bed bugs. Make use of natural procedures to kill bed bugs. Subject them to extreme temperatures; a maximum of 46 degrees Celsius and a minimum of zero (0) degrees. After the inspection, you can also make use of drugstore chemicals to treat bed bugs.

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