Know About the Various Treatments to Control Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a nuisance for many Sydney residents. The pest and termite gurus at Termite Treatment Sydney understand this.

We have already discussed the causes and precautions to be taken against bed bugs. In this article, we tell you about the best pest treatment you can employ to eradicate bed bugs.

Types of Treatment to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on human blood and infest places where people rest or sleep, such as a bed or couch. These bugs usually hitchhike their way to your home via your clothes or bags and subsequently breed in your residence.

Bed bugs, unlike other insects, are tough to identify and spot; the reason being their transparent look and small size. If you are unaware of how to get rid of these bugs, you should invest in the best pest treatment professionals who can get this done for you.

Before you call in on expert pest control services, you can take certain measures to make sure you do your part of the job to treat pests in the house.

Listed below are some of the best pest treatments to control bed bugs.

Shift your furniture often

Unless you move your furniture once in a while, it is hard to get rid of bed bugs completely. These little beasts breed under cracks and hollows of furniture and beddings. To eradicate these creatures, you have to clean your bedding and shift the furniture once in a while.

Hunt bed bugs

One of the best pest treatments is to hunt for bugs before they suck your blood. All you need to do is get hold of a flashlight, a mug of hot soapy water, plastic bags and an old and unusable credit card.

Look out for the bugs in cracks and crevices using a flashlight. Push those little creeps out using the old credit card and trap them in a plastic bag. Clean the trail of insects using hot soapy water. Make sure you wipe all the blood-stains, bugs, shed skin, and egg-shells clean.

Vacuum thoroughly

Vacuuming is an effective remedy for bed bugs. Vacuuming is recommended around furniture and electrical devices such as switchboards, TV and old stereos.


Freezing items that are infested with bed bugs is an effective way to kill them and stop them from breeding. For instance, if your apparels have bed bugs on them, you can simply put them together in a plastic bag and keep the bag inside a freezer for four days.

Use insecticides

 Identify the areas of infestation around the house first and use insecticides meant to treat bed bugs only. Do not use products that are labeled for other insects as they are ineffective against bed bugs. Homing in on the best pest treatment is the way out of the bed bug problem.

Mattress covers

Clean your mattress and put a cover on it. If your bedding has been infested with bugs, placing a cover on it will make sure the bugs die. It will also reduce the chances of allergies.

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