Reasons Your Residence is Infested With Rats and Mice

In this article, Termite Treatment Sydney, a pest and termite control service provider in Sydney will explain to you the various reasons why your residence is infested with rodents.

3 Reasons Why You Have Rats in Your House

In our last post, we talked about the prevention and treatment of residential rodents. However, you always run the risk of rodent infestation, no matter how careful you are. Rodents can scamper through walls, climb ladders and can also swim through drains and sewers which lead up to your home. Having rodents in your house will not only pose a risk to your health and hygiene, but they are also a cause for foul odors inside the house. Additionally, they damage your property. 

Before we move on the befitting treatment for these little devils, let’s take a look at three primary reasons why your house is infested with mice.

1. Food and Shelter

Rats and mice have an incredible ability to fit into and move through small holes and gaps. Ergo, any gaps or holes in your residence can make your home susceptible to rodent infestation. Since rats are capable of gnawing their way through the wood, wooden houses are the most vulnerable to infestation by rats and mice. Hire a pest inspection service to know more about the causes of rodent infestation.

Rats and mice, like any other rodents, are continually hunting for a safe place to take shelter and breed. Rodents around the house can take refuge in and under any clutter. Having old or discarded furniture, firewood piles or automobiles may increase the chances of mice and rat infestation inside your home and garage.

2. Unhygienic Living Conditions

Rodents feed on filth, dirt, and debris. A house with unhygienic spaces and clutter is indefensible against the infestation and breeding of mice. To keep mice and rats at bay, you must keep your house clean. Regular cleaning of each corner of the house is essential to limit the chances of rodent infestation. You can always take some additional measures to ensure there is no rodent invasion at your residence, such as a pest inspection service.

3. Other Factors

Various other factors play a part in rodent infestation in your Residence. Noise, human intervention, cold are numerous other factors that set these rodents on the run. Rats and mice may take shelter in your Residence owing to the factors mentioned above.

Rat and Mice Prevention

The slightest signs of rodent infestation in your Sydney residences will require you to spend money to eradicate them. More often than not, we aren’t aware of the causes of rat and mice infestation in our house. It is imperative to diagnose the problem areas through a pest inspection service.

Therefore, a pest inspection is undoubtedly required. Before you hire a pest inspection service in Sydney, consider the cost and rating of the service provider. Termite Treatment Sydney is a highly rated termite and pest control service provider in Sydney. Call us at (02) 8315 3205 to eradicate rats and mice from your Sydney home today! 

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