Prevention and Treatment of Residential Rodents

Oh, rats! Your home has been infested with these filthy rodents! What do you do know? Read this post from our Sydney termite prevention and pest prevention specialist and find out.

Rats and mice are incredibly agile rodents. They can easily break into your nice Sydney homes and adapt to the conditions that favor breeding. According to a study, rat and mice infestation in your residence can be the cause for as much as 35 fatal diseases including typhus fever, rat-bite fever, Bubonic plague, leptospirosis, Lassa fever and more.

Once these rodents have infested your residence, they are quick to spread diseases via human contact, rodent saliva, urine or feces. Rodent bites are also the cause of a plethora of diseases. Therefore, pest control is necessary.

Facts About Rodent Breeding

Given the right conditions, rats and mice can breed all through the year. On average, a single female is capable of producing 56 offspring in a matter of a year. Each pregnancy will bring forth 6 to 12 broods. Ergo, let us home in on the prevention strategies so that we do not have to break the bank for calling in professional help. You must also estimate pest control costs before you employ professionals.

It is easy for rodents to take shelter under floors, on the ceiling and roof, in the cupboard, inside piles of wood, old and broken furniture, and in areas with thick vegetation. You must be mindful of the symptoms of rodent infestation in our residence and ensure pest control.

The signs of a rodent infestation are as follows:

  • Thin black rice-like droppings around the house
  • Signs of damage to clothes, electrical cables
  • Burrow holes in the debris
  • Nibble marks on food items and fruits
  • Marks on the walls where rodents climb.

Treatment and Prevention

There is a myriad of preventive measures that you can adapt to keep rodents away from your residence. Here are the most effective pest control tips given below:

  • Leave no space for the accommodation of rubbish or garbage in your home
  • Make sure you dispose of your residential waste in proper place regularly
  • Ensure that all your garbage bins have tight-fitting lids
  • Do not leave open rainwater tanks and floor vents. Make sure you cover them with a mesh lid
  • Manage the storage of your pantry. Keep them in seal tight containers
  • Block cracks and crevices in cupboards, pantry, and safes

You must take measures for pest control. Do not go for any food or beverages that might have come into contact with rodents. One may employ various pest control hacks to get rid of rats and mice in residence. You can make use of rodenticide and other anticoagulants and make a mixture to use the same as bait. Trappings are also available to fit various budgets and sizes in a Sydney hardware store near you.

Rats are not pets. They are dangerous pests. For the prevention and treatment of residential rodents, Termite Treatment Sydney is the answer. Just give us a call at (02) 8315 3205 and we will resolve your rat problems.

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