How to Control Flies and Fleas at your Residence

In this article, our Sydney termite treatment and pest control pundits explain the various measures for house pest treatment that you can take to control fleas and flies in your house.

Controlling Flies and Fleas at Your Residence

Flies and fleas are common in households that score low on sanitation. Flies breed in filthy areas in the home such as garbage bins, unwashed dishes in the sink, and unclean bathrooms. If your residence is pervaded with flies, you to know about house pest treatment measures and incorporate them to keep flies at bay.

Getting plagued by fleas and flies at your residence is certainly annoying. Moreover, these flies carry a gamut of diseases with them, compromising the health and hygiene of people in residence. If your house is infiltrated with flies and fleas, you must take a call and get rid of them once and for all.

Listed below are various ways to control flies and fleas at home:


Sanitation is a fundamental requirement. A well-sanitized home provides no scope for flies and fleas. Dispose of your garbage regularly. Keep the garbage bins and cans clean. Do not keep garbage and filth out in the open for flies to discover and fill your residence. Make sure you cover your bin with a lid. It is also necessary for you not to keep unwashed dishes in the sink for a long time.

Identify Breeding Areas

Identify the breeding areas in residence first. To clean identified breeding areas of flies in your home, use bleach.

Air & Sunlight

Flies at your residence hide in the dark corners and cracks in your house in the morning. Make sure your home receives a fair share of sunlight and air. Open windows and curtains in the morning and use fly sprays to eradicate them.

Remove Garbage

Exposed filth and open garbage in the area around your residence invites flies. It is thus important to treat and remove garbage in areas around your house.

Getting Rid of Flies and Fleas

It is of utmost importance that you identify the causes of flies in your residence to carry out a house pest treatment.

If you have a pet at home, make sure you clean the animal regularly. Treat your pet using a flea shampoo approved by the vet.

Clean up the area of infestation, be it bedding, toys, furniture or cracks and crevices in the house. You can use a reliable vacuum cleaner and run it through the areas of infestation in residence. 

There are various insecticides available at local stores near you. You might want to try and use fly-sprays if the infestation is getting out of hand. Make sure you buy chemicals and various other products after evaluating their contents and considering the reviews.

It is often difficult to get rid of the flies and fleas in the house by yourself. You need an expert to take control of the situation for you. Zero down on house pest treatment experts in Sydney and let the experts do the work for you. Termite Treatment Sydney is one such expert, and you can call us at (02) 8315 3205 if you want us to control flies and fleas at your residence.