Causes and Prevention of White Ants

Termite Treatment Sydney is a termite treatment company in Sydney full of experts on termites, also called ‘white ants’. They are called so because they look like an ant, but are white. No ant is white.

The extermination of white ants is a costly ordeal. Some of the most commonly seen white ants in the Sydney Area are dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood white ants. Each of these types of white ants has respective preferences when it comes to conditions that favor their breeding.

We often check online for solutions concerning the eradication of white ants from our home. Identifying the causes of white ants can lead us to take measures for the prevention of white ants in your residence. In this article, we discuss the various causes and preventive methods that you might incorporate to keep white ants at bay.

3 Causes of White Ants

White ants are attracted to surroundings that are far from human reach. While damp wood white ants have an affinity to moisture, dry wood white ants take shelter in empty, wooden boxes, and old furniture. On the other hand, subterranean white ants infest any item of wood that is in contact with the ground. These white ants tend to dig mud tubes and travel through them to your residence. 

Listed below are some of the significant causes of a white ant infestation in your residence.

1. Wet and damp surroundings

Certain types of white ants prefer the presence of moisture to thrive. If your residence is characterized by weak and improper drainage, limited airflow, and inadequate waste management, there is an increased chance of a white ant infestation in the house.

2. Wood being in contact with the ground

A white ant control specialist will tell you that subterranean white ants are more agile than most of the creepy crawlies of its kind. These white ants swarm up through the wood to get near the foundation of the building. Their next move is to slip through cracks and fissures in house and nest in an area that has minimum human intervention.

3. Cracks in the building

The only way to white ant-proof your house is to block every possible pass through which white ants might get in. Make sure you block every crack and crevice leading to the interior of your home. Hire a white ant control specialist to help you block the entry-points to your home.

Prevention of White Ants

There are ways to stop white ants from taking over your Sydney home. White ants move in search of food sources so prevention entails removal of such sources of food from the residence. Take help from the white ant control specialist to seal up the pantry. Make sure you do not have scattered pieces of leftovers in the house to attract white ants. If there is anything in and around the house which you suspect might be prone to white ant infestation, do not be reluctant to remove it to prevent further infestation.

Both chemical and non-chemical solutions are available to treat white ant infestation. Although there is a scope for DIY chemical treatments in regards to the extermination of white ants, homing on a white ant control specialist in Sydney like Termite Treatment Sydney might be a suitable option. It’s time to stop. Hit us up at (02) 8315 3205 to prevent white ants (AKA termites) from taking over.

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