Best Tips to Keep Spiders from Infesting Your Residence

Spiders may often seem like harmless critters, but it is not always the case. Our Sydney termite buffs and spider specialists will tell you the best tips to keep spiders from infesting your residence.

Spider-Man may be awesome, but finding a wall-crawling arachnid in the most unexpected places around your Sydney house can send shivers down the spine. Irrespective of how toxic spiders are, there is always a risk of spider bites which are characterized by swelling, redness, skin damage, and itching.

Other potentially fatal symptoms such as muscle pain, cramping, high blood fever, chills, and fever may also come following. Keeping spiders away from your residence is not a tough nut to crack. In this article, we list down the best treatment that you can make use of to keep spiders at bay.

Tips to Prevent Spider Infestation

As the season takes turns, we have to be a little extra care to ensure that we do not encounter the eight-legged creeps scampering around the house. Ergo, we bring you the best treatment to ward off spiders from our residence.

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural insect repellants. Some essential oils that may be utilized to keep spiders from infesting are tea tree, lavender, citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint, cinnamon, and rose. Moreover, the oil of eucalyptus is an excellent remedy for spider infestation. You can take a few drops of eucalyptus oil in cotton balls and keep them in the area of infestation. You can also rub some eucalyptus oil on the walls and ceilings to make an impact.

2. Lady Bugs

A garden or a lawn around your house is a hub for spiders. These little creeps crawl their way to your homes. To avoid spiders and other pests from making a den inside your residence, introduce ladybugs in your garden.

Ladybugs feed on spider mites and aphids. Additionally, according to the popular belief, introducing ladybugs in your garden or surrounding areas brings you good luck.

3. Boric Acid

Use boric acid in the areas of infestation. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the key areas of infestation before subjecting those areas to boric acid treatment. Use boric acid on cracks and crevices around the house. You can choose to spray boric acid in cabinets, windows, baseboards, doors, and walls to eradicate the spider plague. This is one of the most popular and best treatments not just for spiders, but pests in general.


Vinegar is an item of utility in your kitchen. We all are unaware of the fact that vinegar is an effective repellant and is the best treatment for spiders. Take a mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it all across the spider dens and cobwebs in the house.

5. Citrus Peels

The next time you peel a lemon or citrus, remember to make use of the peel instead of throwing them away. Citrus peels are quite effective against spider infestations.

This comprehensive list of best spider treatments may yield the results desired. However, if you need to avail spider and pest treatment by professionals, then give a call Termite Treatment  Sydney at (02) 8315 3205 for help.

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