5 Ways to Prepare Your House for Termite Treatment

As a trusted termite treatment provider in Sydney, we will tell you about the means for preparing your house for termite treatment.

If you have an uncontrollable termite infestation in your house, you must do something to keep it from spreading. Using natural remedies becomes increasingly difficult in such circumstances. The best you can do to treat such infestation is to seek professional help.

We’ve blogged about how to avail affordable residential pest control services. However, before you dial an expert to handle the situation on your behalf, you have to prepare your house for termite treatment. 

Here, we tell you about the five ways you can prepare your house for termite treatment

Be Prepared for Termite Treatment With These 5 Measures

1) Declutter Your House

Termites use their small size to hide inside places with the most clutter. The more trash, items, and equipment you have lying around, the more opportunities for the termites to make themselves at home.

Preparing your house for termite treatment requires you to declutter some areas in your home. Remove clothes, books, and other regular and irregularly used items from the area of infestation. This could also expose the termite hiding areas that you didn’t even know existed before.

2) Move the Furniture

Before termite treatment, you must move the furniture around so that it would help in termite inspection. Shift your furniture to different places where they are easy to inspect.

When running the furniture and other fixtures away from the infested area, take care not to come in contact with the infestation. For instance, if your bed is infested with termites around the edge, you can move the bed at least 5 inches away from the outbreak.

This also helps the professionals in performing a termite inspection so they can easily spot the termites.

3) Identify infested areas

You don’t have to solely rely on the experts t0 locate infestations. Some may be hidden in plain sight. During termite treatment, you can disclose your observations to the termite professional so that they have a clear idea about the problem. It’s best to reveal as much information as possible as long it’s relevant to the case at hand.

This will make the treatment better and enable the termite treatment company to use the most effective techniques.

4) Monitor movements

Monitor the movements of the termites and find out their trail. If you observe termites moving in and out of your residence, you might want to observe their actions. This will help you detect the areas where the termites decide to frequent. 

You can monitor the movements before the termite treatment and inform the termite expert. Sometimes, just cutting off the entry points will do the trick.

5) Relocate for awhile

Termite treatment experts use both chemical and non-chemical termite treatments so that the health and hygiene of your family are not compromised. The termite treatment professionals use the best judgment to pick chemicals and non-chemical measures in the treatment of termites, pests, and other vermin in your house.

However, it is advisable especially if you have kids and elderly folks in the house if you relocate for a few days. The treatment may drive out more termites and cause them to come scurrying. You may feel better letting the pros deal with the whole thing and coming back once they have everything cleaned up.

Now that you have prepared your house for termite treatment, it’s time to get in touch with the experts and let them get down to business. Hire a termite treatment agency in Sydney such as Termite Treatment Sydney. Call us at (02) 8315 3205. We will get rid of your termite troubles for good. 

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