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At Termite Treatment Sydney, we are the experts in termite inspections, termite detection and termite control and have been eradicating termites from homes & properties across Sydney for over 30 years. All suburbs in Sydney have an active termite population.  This means that your property (commercial and residential) should have a termite inspection once a year for both control and preventative measures.

termite treatmentThe key to termite control in Sydney is to reduce the risk by having a regular termite inspection and treatment. Our pest controllers are experts at discovering the signs of a termite colony before extensive damage can be done.

It is nearly unbelievable how much damage can be done  to a home or any building by an undiscovered termite colony that has grown over to time to a population of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of individuals. Termites that eat your home are subterranean, an infestation can thrive for years before being discovered.

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Termite Property Inspection

Our Sydney termite inspection teams  offer cutting edge skills, tools, and technology; all at our team’s fingertips for speedy detection and total eradication. We individualize and create an inspection and eradication plan that takes your property’s features into consideration. We listen to your concerns  and make your values a priority. Our “Gold Standard” package includes termite inspection, eradication and prevention to ensure you won’t have this worry again.

Termite Property Damage

It is well documented that an infestation that continues for a long period can cause irreparable damage to the essential support beams, foundation and joists.  The type of building(s), terrain, and specific features of your home or business site should determine the frequency of inspections. For example, stored timber, fire wood, down or diseased trees are all very attractive to termites and could harbor multiple colonies. Regular inspections for termite infestation is the first defense to protect your property. Setting up an initial inspection is as easy as a short phone call to our scheduling agents.

termite treatment sydney satisfaction guarantee serviceIf termites consume some of your building’s sub-structure and supports, it is not only likely that your property value will decline but your building can become an unsafe place to live. This emphasises the importance of regularly inspecting for and quickly eradicating any colonies before damages are beyond repair. Because termites mainly live underground, (subterranean), they can go unnoticed for years. Sydney is an ideal environment due to warm and moist conditions that termites love. Our expert termite building inspectors  look for the following indications of termite infestation:

  • Softened or spongy wood in the structure
  • Termite tube exits and entryways
  • Termite wings or body parts

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Spongy Wood

Sagging wood floors that may seem normal for aging can be termite caused. If the wood has become soft and spongy it can often indicate the presence of termites. This is the first step our trained and licensed professionals will take during an inspection. The wood gets soft because the termites are hollowing it out from the inside, eating as they go taking the wood and leaving their feces, and their saliva created tunnels in its place.

Mud Holes

termite infestation and treatmentThe second tell-tale sign our termite inspection teams in Sydney look for is the mud and feces tube-like structures that termites create at their exit and entryways into their feeding areas. These structures are extremely difficult  or impossible to spot as they may be under the foundation. Our top-notch team of professionals in Sydney are trained to look for other avenues of entry such as in a garage or lean-to, where warm, dark areas allow termites to thrive.  Sometimes the termite entryways are very subtle near windows or door jams, or anywhere water may accumulate. There are many other methods and signs our experts are keen to notice. We will inspect and assess each property on an individual basis, as every property’s “footprint” is different. Construction materials, design, chemistry of the turf, and physical features all make a difference as to the susceptibility of infestation.

Termite Debris

Regardless if the entry structures were impossible to find, our sharp-eyed inspectors can still spot other termite sign. Our termite inspection services termite treatmentin Sydney includes looking for termite body parts such as wings that swarming termites shed, or other body part from termites that have died. These signs can be spotted in any of the other common places already mentioned or in areas far from the building itself, near the edge of the property or even on a neighboring property.

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