Top 5 Treatments for Cockroaches

Can we all agree that cockroaches are eerie and even the last one of them must be wiped out? Everyone in our Sydney termite treatment company agrees on this issue. If your residence has been infested with cockroaches, you might want to know about the various pest treatments available at your disposal.

We mentioned the causes of cockroaches and tips for preventing them. This article is a comprehensive guide to treating cockroaches and ridding their nests to make your house a clean, pest-free place to be.

5 Treatments for Cockroaches

Since cockroaches breed faster than most of the pests, it is very difficult to get rid of them all at once. Eliminating roaches and nymphs can be a test of patience for you.

Thus, it is best to let the professionals take over. You can find plenty of services by searching the term ‘affordable pest treatment cost in Sydney’. All you have to do then is pick the one reliable pest control service provider.

But before you shell out your hard-earned money to invest in professional pest control experts, here is what you can do to treat cockroaches at your residence:

1. Identify the Areas

You need to look out for the cockroach nests in damp and dark places in the house. Take a flashlight and search every crack, crevice, and hole in the house.

Do not miss out places such as the kitchen cabinet, underneath the kitchen sink, corners of closets and behind the refrigerator.

2. Prevent Infestations Using Caulk

Closing the gaps around the house using caulks is the best way to make sure that roaches do not break in any further. Seal every nook and crack in the house to avoid roaches from coming in.

3. Use Bait to Kill the Population

It is doubtful that you can single-handedly wipe out the entire population of cockroaches. You can, however, do your tiny bit by using home-made baits to trap roaches and kill them. Gel baits are most active and are easy to use in this case.

Concentrated insecticides mixed with powdered baits, spread across various cracks and holes in the house will do the trick. Use soapy water to clean and wipe out the nest.

4. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a chemical combination of water and boron. It is lethal for cockroaches when used strategically. Boric acid is often used to clean kitchen cabinets and other identified areas where roaches breed.

Mix packets of boric acid with a powdered mix of sugar and rice flour in a small bowl. Add some water and build small tiny balls. Now throw these balls in various corners of the houses and do not clean up until a week to get the best results.

Remember, ingestion of these balls may be fatal to your babies and kids and therefore, keep your children well away from these boric balls. Clean your hands well after this work., You may choose to dust off or vacuum the excess of boric acid and clean the area with soap water.

5. Get Professional Help

Cockroach infestations need constant vigilance, lest those little beasts breed over again. Look out for the best pest treatment cost in Sydney and call in the pest control experts to help you with eradicating roaches from your residence. Make sure you consider the reviews and recommendations before hiring such a service.

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