6 Residential Pest Control Services We Offer

Putting an end to a pest problem is not as easy as it appears. Pests may seem to break into your sweet Sydney home out of the blue but do not disappear quickly. Subjecting the infested area with chemical or non-chemical treatments following a pest inspection is essential to get the pests eliminated.

At Termite Treatment Sydney, we ensure the best pest protection and keep you from breaking the bank. Despite our name, we offer treatment plans for not only termites, but all manner of pests. Customized pest treatments are just the solution you need to get rid of the little imps in the house. Given below is the list of six services that we offer:

1. Pest Inspection

We will perform a thorough inspection of the various problem areas in your house. Also, our experts shall determine whether the area around the house is infested. Our team of experts at Termite Treatment Sydney walks you through pain-points before suggesting any solutions. If you are looking for a prompt answer to your pest problems, you can zero in on our service.

2. Rats and Rodents Control

Rats and rodents are very agile. They can adjust themselves to move through narrow spaces, swim through sewers, and break into your residence via exterior cracks and fissures. At Termite Treatment Sydney, we boast of having the best and pet-friendly treatment for rats and other rodents. Call us to take care of the rodent problem before it turns into a full-scale infestation. We guarantee the best pest protection and treatment in town.

3. Bees and Wasp Control

Treatment of bees and wasps around the house involves plenty of hassle, not to mention that treating an active beehive is dangerous. This is why you need an expert to handle the infestation and ensure protection from bees and wasps.

Termite Treatment Sydney carefully treats the infestation by bees and wasps so that they steer clear out of your way. Our treatment involves the top-notch safety equipment and the use of best safety measures to minimize possible health risks to you and your family

4. Cockroach Control

We all are familiar with a cockroach infestation. Roaches breed fast and may spread like an epidemic if left untreated. At Termite Treatment Sydney, we ensure you the best pest protection that lasts you for a significant duration of time.

5. Ant Control 

You may already know that ants are vectors that aid in spreading bacteria. You cannot use a “natural technique” to treat remote infested areas. Get flexible pest treatment total eradication of pest problems starting with the source of these issues.

6. Spider Control

Don’t let your sweet Sydney home turn to a ghost-house filled with spiders. Avail spider control services from Termite Treatment Sydney.

Apart from the treatments, as mentioned earlier, we also offer pest protection and procedures for the control of bed bugs, flea, and bird pests. Call Termite Treatment Sydney at (02) 8315 3205 to learn more or to avail our residential pest control services.

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